CNC Machining

Know-how is essential, but that’s not all it takes. When it comes to manufacturing machinable prototypes, we work efficiently and reliably thanks to our wide range of equipment and capabilities.

You can rest assured that our final products have been manufactured according to your precise specifications.

The secret behind the impeccable precision of the products we make is our use of state-of-the-art, “intelligent” CNC technology – and the skill of the employees who operate them.

We rely on the following machinery:

Revolutions and feed rate | Maximum 24,000 revolutions per minute; maximum feed rate 40 meters per minute
Type / DesignationDMU 75DMF 360Hedelius C80Hedelius C60 SMTE Kompakt Plus (Flatbed milling)

Our scope of services in the area of CNC-Machining