5-axis milling machine DMF 200 I 8

In July 2022, our new 5-axis milling machine DMF 200I8 was put into operation.
The traveling column machines from DMG MORI are characterized by their stability and precision, so that we decided on another milling machine from DMG MORI – and can now work even more broadly.
The machine concept of the DMF 200 I 8 ensures high flexibility and productivity in tool and mold making. It was designed in such a way that the cantilevered Y-axis ensures constant rigidity of the machine over the entire traverse path.
The three linear guides in the X-axis increase the stability of the machine and create the necessary basis for high-precision and productive machining.

Our machine park continues to grow!

We have added a new milling machine to our collection – the DMU 75 monoBLOCK!

Thanks to its compact design, it takes up relatively little room but offers ample working space (X/Y/Z: 750/650/560 mm). 
This is one of the decisive advantages of the DMU75 – and as a 5-axis machining center it is a perfect addition to our machine park.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 successfully introduced!

The Q policy has been extended and adapted to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 with the new creation of the QM manual. 

The new QM manual describes the scope of application of the management system and the business context. We have fully implemented aspects of ISO 9001:2015 and completely fulfilled the risk-based approach of identifying opportunities and risks with regard to internal and external issues, interested parties and processes. The safety and health checks in all areas of work with activity details and hazard factors received a favorable assessment. The clean production area with clear areas of responsibility and contact persons, as well as the detailed maintenance records for machines and their continuous calibration, were also assessed positively.
IN SUMMARY: We have effectively implemented a QM system that complies with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standards. And it was easy to do – thanks to the fact that we all love our jobs and work together as a team!

The new certificate is available in German and English in our download area.

Modellbau Kurtenbach has a brand new website

Welcome to our brand new website. It has a fresh, clean look and features “responsive design,” which means it adapts to the device you are using, be it a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, so you can easily access all of the site’s features. We hope you will enjoy exploring the new site architecture and the many new images that give you a quick yet thorough overview of Modellbau Kurtenbach.

Deckel Maho: Learning from the manufacturer

Deckel Maho, the manufacturer of our new five-axis milling machine, came to our plant to conduct an internal training program for our employees. After the two-day workshop, four of our employees had received first-hand instruction on how to make the most of the new equipment – augmenting the company’s expertise and scope.

Workshop: 2.5 D drilling and lathing

A field trip to Martinsried and the headquarters of Tebicon, where Gregor Kraus and Andreas Weber visited a hands-on seminar about the NC 2-axis module.

Objective of the workshop: Additional skills in the field of 2.5 D boring and milling.
Objective achieved.

Software seminar for optimized processes

This time, Gregor Kraus and Andreas Weber attend a Tebicon seminar to learn the concepts behind Tebis software, including how to use tools and the relevant libraries. It’s all about optimized processes.