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Our machine park continues to grow!

We have added a new milling machine to our collection – the DMU 75 monoBLOCK!

Thanks to its compact design, it takes up relatively little room but offers ample working space (X/Y/Z: 750/650/560 mm). 
This is one of the decisive advantages of the DMU75 – and as a 5-axis machining center it is a perfect addition to our machine park.

Modellbau Kurtenbach has a brand new website

Welcome to our brand new website. It has a fresh, clean look and features “responsive design,” which means it adapts to the device you are using, be it a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, so you can easily access all of the site’s features. We hope you will enjoy exploring the new site architecture and the many new images that give you a quick yet thorough overview of Modellbau Kurtenbach.

Workshop: 2.5 D drilling and lathing

A field trip to Martinsried and the headquarters of Tebicon, where Gregor Kraus and Andreas Weber visited a hands-on seminar about the NC 2-axis module.

Objective of the workshop: Additional skills in the field of 2.5 D boring and milling.
Objective achieved.

Tag Archive for: CNC-Machining